The Business

Gertjan Goldschmeding has been an internationally renowned expert on entrepreneurship and business coach for almost 25 years. He graduated as a Master of Science in the field of Industrial Engineering and Business Economics. He is an investor and owns several thriving business (that he co-founded) and sits in the board of advisors of several others.

Currently he is the CEO of CoinCare ( that provides a unique solution for business owners to have a dashboard with all the financial data to make strategic decisions and reach the goals. With a group of entrepreneurs he started a platform called Dutch Business Boosters (, that conducts business seminars and intense workshops to reinvent your business and develop a business model that guarantees the business to run independent of the owner.

The unique combination of business and ministry has had a tremendous impact in funding Churches world wide. He has managed to build a bridge between the Church World and the Business World, without using the platform of the Church for business.