How to join God’s special forces

How to join God’s special forces

In the entire book of Esther there is no mentioning of God, Jehovah, Lord or anything. It is, however, a story that clearly shows God’s providence; God just stays under cover the entire book. That is what we need to learn as well. In order for a secret agent to get deep into the territory of the enemy, he needs to be under cover and even pretend to belong to the enemy’s camp.

Some Christians are criticized for not witnessing and promoting Christ all the time. But in some cases God has instructed certain people to not be outspoken about their faith, so they can enter deep into the influential regions of the entertainment industry, or at political places of power. Once they are there in their position of power, they can influence society in a much greater way than by simply giving their testimony to one or two people that might become hostile and block their promotion. The author of the Toy Story Movies was a Christian that noticed all the garbage in movies for children and decided to get to a place where he could influence the movie industry. That’s what God wants to do in these days. The darker it gets, the more we will shine our lights with great impact, provided we don’t shine too early and blind people.

Just take a brief look at Esther. What an ungodly and vain thing to do, to enter a royal beauty contest, one might say. But no one could have known the impact of her entering this contest. Nobody knew this was actually the Lord using the unique desire of Esther to save her people. We can condemn singers from entering the X-factor and similar shows. Sometimes we find out much later, after the show is almost over, that they are Christians. But what would you have said if you lived in Esther’s days? God enjoys using less conventional ways than most people expect.

I want to conclude this post with a remark that sets us up for my next artice. The fact that God launched Esther, Joseph and Daniel into the secular world, and the fact that He uses many people in worldly environments, does not mean that you are fee to join all the worldly events. You need to be called for all the things that cause you to enter the territory of the enemy. Next month we will discuss the seven components in Daniel’s life, that need to be present in ours before we can safely enter our position as His secret agent. This is not a day to copy some other person’s calling, but to discover your unique calling!

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