Kiev Good News Church (Ukraine)
Thank you for being in Kiev and minister to the church. The Word about how to see our children saved was perfect. It was a good day for our church. We would love to have you again. Thank God for friendships to advance the Kingdom of God together.
David Chebotarev (Senior Pastor)

Bethany Christian Life Centre, Colombo
We have known pastor Gertjan for over 06 years. He has visited us with his wife and have been great  ambassadors of the Netherlands and helped many Srilankan people in our church that has more than 750 people to build healthy families and many people who have followed his advice are seeing great joy and peace in there family live. Also their church has been a great help to our Nation in the time of Tsunami as they were generous givers to rebuild homes and help hopeless people to get stable. Their ministry also has helped us in buying a piece of land that is used today for sunday services!
Pastor Damian Da Silva

Hand of God Church, Odessa (Ukraine)
We thank you for coming and ministering to us. Thank you for the word and the blessing you released upon us. We believe we will see abundant fruits in individual’s lives and in the church as a whole. We believe this is not our last meeting, we will meet again in the near future. Once more we Pastors and our church thank you. May God abundantly bless you,your family and your church. Greetings to your family and the church. With Love, Pastors Freddy and Claris Mulamba

Bilble Life Ministries, Gaborone (Botswana)
It was great having pastor Goldschmeding and his wife Andria with us in Botswana. His ministry has impacted our church and added value to the people that attended the summit on God’s Economy. He solidifies what this minisry believes in and I look forward to building a meaningful and refreshing relationship with him. Dr. Enock Sitima (Senior Pastor)