Update from Sri Lanka

Update from Sri Lanka

A short update on day three of our trip to Sri Lanka. We’ve been coming here for 8 years and this faithfulness has resulted in an awesome platform to impact the church and the nation. Yesterday pastor Powe kicked of the meeting with pastors of over 60 churches represented, challenging them to become strategic. I continued in my session to explain how we can influence an entire nation. God had shown me the danger of a conflict between Sri Lanka and the USA, and we ended the meeting taking authority over the spirit of strife and division. Half an hour later the news was released that the issue wad solved! This was just a confirmation of the strategic influence of the Church!

In the evening I met with a group of key leaders, that meets with pastor Dishan weekly. Today the program holds two leadership sessions with the pastors. Some have to travel an entire day by motor bike to attend these meetings. At night pastor Powe will do a meeting for influential business men in an exclusive hotel, while I will hold a miracle rally at the church. Will keep you updated!


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  1. Arnold

    Proverbs 13:23 (only this time the Dutch translation is better:-) : tell them that they are blessed (= Sri Lanka). You and Pastor Powe bring justice (in many ways) to Sri Lanka. The land is rich, and it won’t be spoiled anymore!

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