Life is like a Roller Coaster Ride

We just spent an entire week in an amusement park, with lots of fun things for the kids. I consider myself a man of faith and courage, but sometimes these rollercoaster rides are a bit challenging to me. After I pretended not to be intimidated at all, because no father wants to appear a whimp in front of his kids, I usually feel great after I conquered another ride or slide. Fear will keep you from getting in, although you will tell others you just don’t like rollercoasters. But couarge will face the fear, and help you to decide to get in line. Those in line will inspire you as they all seem to be fearless. Now that you have overcome your fear, you are actually able to enjoy the ride. And since you are now a roller coaster addict, your children do not even have to deal with any fear, because rollercoasters to them are natural. I have found that many people are not so much afraid of dying as they are of living life tot the full! They rather stay on the ground, than to enjoy a risky ride. Although believers are supposed to live by faith, they seek the way of life that gives them most security. We will all die, at some point. The real question is, will we live before we die! Decide to live life to the full. Jesus died for you, so you could live!

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