Kingdom economy (How our ministry dressed up as a business)

Kingdom economy (How our ministry dressed up as a business)

God has always led me to preach and teach a very down to earth message on financial prosperity and freedom. I have taken my assignment to help people to discover financial freedom very serious and started three organizations with the sheer purpose of creating an environment to launch entrepreneurs in their full potential.

The first is a coaching company called Ladder of Success, that operates in 8 countries to help people realize their entrepreneurial dream. From Sri Lanka to England, from Holland to Belgium, we are taking people through a very intuitive, yet comprehensive approach to develop a business model that works fort hem. The program is different in that is focuses on you working out of your passion, not out of a business idea. The second element that distinguishes this approach from many others is that we do not want the entrepreneur to become an expert in every area of business, but to focus on his strengths and learn to build a team to complement his skills.

The second initiative provides housing for starting business owners. This helps them to have professional housing at a low cost and work synergetic with other business owners. We recently had an open house where eight business owners presented their businesses to the visitors from all over Holland and even Belgium.

The third initiative is a business club that provides teaching, empowerment, networking opportunities to those aspiring to excel in business. At times we have meetings with business clubs from others churches to increase our network and learn from one another.

A by product of these initiatives is that it makes the church independent of the worlds economy. When people are laid of and the economy goes down, these business owners, who followed their heart and passion, excel because the are fulfilling their destiny instead of merely making a living!

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