Do you know where you’re going to?

Do you know where you’re going to?

The reason most of us do not reach our goals, is because we never took time to find them out and get them clear enough so we could see and communicate them. The vast majority of the people just live their lives by responding as best as they can to the opportunities (and threats) that come their way. The best way to describe the lives of most people, is like somebody going on a journey without determining the final destination. At every cross-road they he has to take time to think which way is best. At the same time these people wonder why they are never satisfied and why they feel they are not making any progress.

We should all learn to be like God. He thought everything through before He started the earth and before He created man. He even made a back up plan in case mankind would fail. The Bible tells us that God works backward; He starts at the end and calculates backwards. This is the best way to understand how vital your part in history is. Understanding that God needed you for the final outcome of His plans and purposes, realizing that that is the reason of your existence today, should liberate you from all thoughts of inferiority.

You too should live your life by calculating backwards. Start by determining your final destination, your ultimate goal. It is the key for making the right choices today. Michael Porter’s definition of strategy is “knowing what not to do”. When you know your ultimate goal and destination, it is easy to say no to the things that don’t contribute to you reaching your goal. Your life won’t be hard at every intersection; most of the choices are already made at the beginning of the journey.

It is time for you to become more strategic. Even if you know which way you want to go, take time to think things through. To be a doer of God’s Word doesn’t mean you should not take time to think things trough. God does not want you to just know what to do, but also to know why, how and to what purpose. This is not hard, it just takes slowing down your pace. But trust me, you will reach your destiny a lot faster!

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